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Black Friday Just Got 15% Better

Posted by Kim Ayer on Nov 21st 2016

Black Friday Just Got 15% Better


I know what you are doing. 

You're sipping on tea reading your favorite internet blogs while scrolling down Instagram or FaceBook scoping out the Black Friday sales that you want to check out.

I don't blame you. I'm doing the same thing as I write you. 

But don't forget about your favorite tea house Essencha. We have decided to get in the Black Friday action, and we are going to give you a really good deal that you are gonna love. 

From this Wednesday to this Sunday take 15% off any tea in our store. Any tea! Even teaware.

That's right. 15%. You gotta at least spend $10.00 to get the 15% but that's easy this time of year.

No games. No gimmicks. You don't have to come in dressed as your favorite superhero. 

Are we crazy?  Nah...Just in the spirit of giving. 

One thing though. It's ONLINE ONLY. We want to get this website hopping so if you want to buy, be ready to point and click. 

That means you can scroll down your timeline AND place an order for tea without leaving the comfort of your home. And I know you are quite comfortable in your blanket. 

So technically we can be one of your first Black Friday purchases. 

As you can see we have so many teas to choose from so let me be the first to offer you a suggestion. 

Have you heard of Matcha tea? (See pic above) Of course you have. And you have also heard of the benefits.
1. High in Anti-Oxidants
2. Boosts Memory and Concentration
3. Burns Calories.
4. You can even make it at is the kit you can buy. 

And many more.  And now is a perfect time to try it.

But don't just stop there.  Here are 3 other hot selling recommendations just in case you needed them.

1. Vanilla Lemongrass - Everybody loves vanilla, right?

2. Spiced Nuts - One of the tea house fan favorites.

3. And our number one best seller. Walnut Green Tea. Trust me. If you haven't had it.. It's worth a try especially with our Black Friday Sale. 

We are so excited we are going to give you one more small surprise. 
It's not really fair that we have whetted that tea thirst and then make you wait until Wednesday to use it. 
So guess what?

Use the code 15Black and buy right now. Not tomorrow. Not Wednesday. 

Right now.

In fact, this email is over.  We will see you at the register. Click here to shop now.