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All sandwiches served on Shadeau bread with choice of:

*small side salad w/ balsamic OR seasonal fruit cup
*substitute Veggie of the Day ($1)
*substitute Soup of the Day ($2)
Signature Cold-Smoked Salmon ($9)
smoked salmon on sesame ciabatta w/ cucumber, avocado & wasabi mayo
Albacore Tuna Salad or Smoked Turkey ($9.50)
on multi-grain, w/ herb mayo and havarti cheese
Chicken Salad Sandwich ($9.50)
on multi-grain w/ greens & red onion or have it on a bed of greens with pomegranate vinaigrette, slivered almonds & red onion
Garden Veggie ($8.50)
fresh veggies on multi-grain w/ choice of roasted red pepper, vegan miso cashew sauce

Portabella Burger($9)
portabella burger on ciabatta bun accompanied w/ havarti, herb mayo, spinach, red onion & bell pepper

Half Sandwich ($5)


All crepes made with organic Buckwheat flour with choice of:
*small side salad w/ balsamic or seasonal fruit cup
*substitute Veggie of the Day ($1)
*substitute Soup of the Day ($2)

Ham, Egg & Swiss ($9.50)
A brunch favorite!

Smoked turkey & havarti w/ fresh herb mayo ($8)
Smoked turkey with melted havarti cheese, red onion and herb mayo

Tuna havarti crepe wrap ($8.50) 
Albacore tuna salad, havarti cheese, veggies & chili-lime sauce

Roasted red pepper, spinach & goat cheese ($8)
Served hot with a balsamic glaze
Veggie w/ vegan miso-cashew sauce & braised tofu ($8.50)
Greens, red onion, carrot, cucumber, red pepper and avocado with tofu braised in sesame oil

Kimchi ($8.50)
A twist on a traditional Korean favorite. Kimchi with egg, spinach, avocado and havarti cheese

*we use organic & locally sourced produce whenever possible*


Matcha Goddess Salad ($10.50)
mixed greens drizzled with our own creamy matcha-green goddess dressing, topped with avocado slices, jicama, carrots and cucumbers, adorned with golden raisins and  sunflower seeds. Add smoked turkey ($2)
Vegan Quinoa Salad ($10.50)
as healthy and as tasty as it gets with veggies and balsamic drizzle
Vegan Ochazuke ($9)
choice of houjicha or genmaicha poured over veggies, wakame, braised tofu & brown rice

Soup of the Day ($4)

Vegan Miso Soup ($3.50)

Veggie of the Day ($4)



Tea Lunch ($24)
choice of a pot of tea, half sandwich, salad w/ balsamic and seasonal fruit, scone with cream & dessert (brownie, mochi bar or cupcake) served in a bento tray
*please allow some extra time for preparation
*reservations recommended for 3+ guests
European/Afternoon Tea ($21)
choice of a pot of tea or bowl of matcha
first course: scone w/ clotted crème and jam
second course: 2 finger sandwiches, 1 veggie finger crepe, balsamic side salad
dessert: triple-chocolate browni
*2+ guests required


Matcha Mochi Bar/Coconut Mochi Bar ($3.50)
traditional Japanese dessert made with rice flour, coconut milk and sugar

Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie($3)

vanilla lemongrass, lavender earl grey, vegan /gluten-free chai or seasonal flavors

Scone with clotted cream and jam (3.5)
matcha, or signature flavor of the week

*all is vegetarian or can be made vegetarian upon request

Black Teas are the most processed among the varieties. Freshly plucked leaves are laid out to dry, and are then rolled in order to lightly bruise the leaves, encouraging them to release their juices. The leaf color changes from green to a coppery red, giving black tea its distinctive liquor. The oxidation is then stopped, and the leaves are heat fired and dried.



Bubble Teas (sm: $4, lrg: $5)
freshly brewed tea shaken w/ fruit syrup & poured over sweetened tapioca pearls
choose base tea: jasmine green, ceylon black, strawberry kiwi fruit mélange
choose syrup: passion fruit, lychee, honey peach, mango, strawberry,  green apple, grapefruit
*add a shot of matcha to any bubble tea ($2)
Signature Bubble Teas (sm: $5, lrg: $6.5)
“Chai Hizzie”- our chillin’ chai over tapioca pearls
Taro- powdered taro root shaken with milk
Coconut- powdered coconut shaken with milk
Almond- powdered almond shaken with milk
Matcha Latte (sm: $6, lrg: $7.25)
Jade Dragon (sm: $6.25, lrg: $7)
jasmine green w/ shot of jade bliss matcha & green apple syrup
Matcha Shot (served by bowl)
Jade Bliss Matcha Shot ($3.75)
Matcha Sawa (Ceremonial Grade) Shot ($4.75)
Jade Bliss Matcha Latte (sm: $5, lrg: $6)
Matcha Sawa Latte (sm: $5.25, lrg: $6.25)
House Made Chai (sm: $5, lrg: $6)
*substitute soy/almond/coconut milk (75c)
Taro Latte (sm: $5, lrg: $6)
*substitute soy/almond/coconut milk (75c)
Iced Teas (sm: $2.75, lrg: $3.75)
jasmine green, award-winning pure ceylon, or strawberry kiwi


dragonwell, genmaicha extra green, genmaicha satsuki, gunpowder, gyokuro kin, gyokuro kukicha, houjicha, jasmine green, jasmine pearls, kukicha, moroccan mint, pacific breeze, sencha, strawberry creme, sunburst, walnut, matcha sawa, matcha jade bliss


black apricot, ceylon wijaya bop, ceylon vithanakande, cinnamon orange spice, earl grey a la creme, english caramel, earl grey, fresh peach, fresh raspberry, giddapahar darjeeling, golden lion assam, irish breakfast, keemun premium, keemun breakfast, lapsang, lavender earl grey, mango ceylon, masala chai, pu-erh, royal caravan, vanilla creme


golden lily, milk, iron goddess of mercy, tung ting, monkey picked, oriental beauty, osmanthus, rougui, doke rolling thunder, si ji chun, yellow sprig


blueberry bloom, rose garden, silver tips, silver needles, sublime peach, white peony


rooibos, blueberry, caramel creme, smooth cocoamint, spiced nuts, strawberry kiwi, PM mantra chai, sundara, summer spice


blood orange, tulsi apple pear, chamomile, cinnamon apple chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, CCF, strawberry kiwi fruit melange, tonicity, tulsi gotu kola, tusli ginger, tumeric ginger, yerba mate, vanilla lemongrass, valerian dreams


special blends made for Essencha by our beloved friends at Lola Botanicals. Ask our infusionists about our current selection.