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  • Dragon Well (Organic)

    Dragon Well (Organic)

    Evocative of toasted chestnuts, this fine Dragon Well imparts a mellow flavor with a bittersweet and savory finish. Dragon Well (Long Jing) is the most famous green tea from China, and is famous for its sword shaped leaves and the refreshing energy it...

  • Genmaicha Extra Green

    Genmaicha Extra Green

    This tea offers both the sweet, toasty taste of premium Genmaicha with wholesome, nutrition packed Matcha. This tea delivers on taste, style and health benefits.

  • Gunpowder


    This classic certified organic Gunpowder is one of the most popular teas throughout Asia. Ours comes from fresher, sweeter leaves than those used for standard gunpowder. A special rolling technique is used to craft these shiny, compact nuggets of...

  • Gyokuro Kin

    Gyokuro Kin

    A refreshing blend of Gyokuro Kin and Kukicha tea-- light on caffeine, but still grassy and lush. 

  • Houjicha Gold

    Houjicha Gold

    Infuses into an earthy-brown liquor that is pure and satisfying. Offers a uniquely toasty, fresh and smooth taste. Very low in caffeine.

  • Jasmine Pearls (Organic)

    Jasmine Pearls (Organic)

    Tender green tea leaves and buds are hand rolled into small pearls and infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. These Jasmine pearls are scented using a traditional tea scenting process that dates back more than 9 centuries. Jasmine tea is...

  • Kukicha


    Kukicha or "twig" tea is anything but ho-hum. Leaf stems from premium sencha production are steamed then dried, infusing a light, transparent green cup. Sweet, bright, vibrant and healthy. Contains nearly no caffeine.

  • Matcha Jade Bliss

    Matcha Jade Bliss

    Highest grade tencha (shade-grown) leaves ground to a fine powder. Fuller bodied than our Matcha Sawa, this matcha is suitable to drink straight or made into a tasty blended drink or dessert. The healthiest of all teas because you ingest the whole leaf...

  • Matcha Sawa

    Matcha Sawa

    Highest grade tencha (shade-grown) leaves ground to a fine powder; ceremonial grade leaves are deveined by hand before being ground, making them suitable for tea ceremony. This matcha is suitable to drink straight or made into a tasty blended drink or...

  • Moroccan Mint

    Moroccan Mint

    A classic blend of China gunpowder tea and peppermint leaves: bright, open mint flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized