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  • Pacific Breeze

    Wild pineapple and papaya chunks blended with green tea evoke feelings of a warm tropical breeze on a relaxed, sunny day. Outstanding iced.

  • Premium Sencha (Organic)

    All Japanese tea is grown under strict governmental regulation as to the amount of agricultural inputs. This high quality organically grown Sencha brews an earthy, full-bodied cup. Its leaves offer an herbaceous, lightly grassy, and fresh aroma. This is...

  • Strawberry Creme

    Rich strawberry flavor tempered with a blend of green teas and crème flavorings make this truly an exceptional and unique tea.

  • Sunburst

    Luminous green tea infused with cheerful mango-apricot flavors and flower blossoms. Evocative of a sunny Spring meadow, this tea makes everything seem copacetic!

  • Walnut

    The flavor of walnut rings true and clear in this heady, sweet green tea. Definitely worth a try!