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  • Legend of Tung Ting

    Legend of Tung Ting

    High mountain traditional style Taiwanese oolong. Carefully controlled medium roast provides a sweet yet well-balanced toasty flavor while keeping the floral & fruity aromas. Good for multiple infusions. 

  • Oriental Beauty

    Oriental Beauty

    This roasted Taiwanese oolong has a pronounced honey aroma and notes of spice. This artful tea has the appearance and strength of a black tea mingled with the complexities of an oolong in taste and aroma. Good for multiple infusions.

  • Osmanthus Oolong

    Osmanthus Oolong

    This Osmanthus Oolong is made with high quality medium roast Tung Ting style oolong tea and fresh osmanthus petals harvested right at the garden in which the Oolong grows. Produces fresh, light honey-floral notes, and good for multiple infusions.