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  • Dragon Well (Organic)

    Evocative of toasted chestnuts, this fine Dragon Well imparts a mellow flavor with a bittersweet and savory finish. Dragon Well (Long Jing) is the most famous green tea from China, and is famous for its sword shaped leaves and the refreshing energy it...

  • Jasmine Pearls (Organic)

    Tender green tea leaves and buds are hand rolled into small pearls and infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. These Jasmine pearls are scented using a traditional tea scenting process that dates back more than 9 centuries. Jasmine tea is...

  • Keemum Premium (Organic)

    Our unblended Organic Premium Keemun has an unparalleled fragrance that exudes a strong, high honey tone with an elusive tangy orchid-like scent. A bright amber, autumnal golden liquor arises from leaves that are soft, small, and fresh after infusion.

  • Premium Sencha (Organic)

    All Japanese tea is grown under strict governmental regulation as to the amount of agricultural inputs. This high quality organically grown Sencha brews an earthy, full-bodied cup. Its leaves offer an herbaceous, lightly grassy, and fresh aroma. This is...

  • Tonicity (Organic)

    This caffeine-free blend of soothing peppermint and aromatic green cardamom has a naturally sweet finish and smooth body. Our blend is intensely aromatic with a full-bodied and strong mint infusion. Organic peppermint, organic cardamom, organic...

  • Turmeric Ginger (Organic)

    One of our teahouse favorites! Turmeric and ginger are an Ayurvedic combination for longevity and strength; this blend finishes with a note of licorice root and citrus.